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Enfants s'embrassant en cercle


But what is this ?

This is our new project for the coming school year.

This is the name of our welcome class for newcomers

DASPA stands for Reception and Schooling System for Newly Arrived Children

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children from 5 to 13 years old.
- who do not master the French language.
- who come from a foreign country and who have lived in Belgium for less than a year.

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Because we made three observations:

- We are welcoming more and more foreign children and NO Daspa system exists in the Mons region for children in basic education.

- It is complicated for teachers to have to "slow down" their class group in order to take the time to help these children progress, often bruised by life and overwhelmed by their new learning conditions.

- The foster children are helpless in the face of the requirements to be followed without even knowing the basics of the French language. They feel misunderstood and this sometimes leads to inappropriate reactions.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

To allow these children to learn French without stress with a reference person for whom the primary mission is to integrate them gently into the Belgian school system by developing their vocabulary and assessing their level of competence.

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A teacher took the bet to succeed in this mission.

From this summer, she will take training courses to help her manage this particular audience (it is not easy to have around fifteen children of various ages who do not or hardly speak French).

The children will be grouped together under his responsibility in a classroom where everything will be in place to make them feel at home.
Regularly, evaluation sessions will be carried out in order to follow the progress of each ...

The children will follow a few periods in a traditional class (eg gymnastics and artistic workshop) so as to gradually be integrated among the others.
Ultimately, the goal is for these children to be able to return to a class of their level. For this they are entitled to a full year of Daspa (and sometimes 6 additional months)

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A little magic in the eyes of these children and formulas to promote communication!

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