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Respect school rules

Internal regulations

Here, summarized in words easy for children to understand,

the principles and rules applied in our school

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

I arrive at school

- Before 8:10 am, I join the daycare.
- I present myself in correct and decent clothes, with clothes adapted to the season.
- No visible makeup or piercing (except for earrings)
- Be careful, no headgear in the school

We ring

- I'll pull over quickly. In the row I do not play, I do not shout, I do not push the other students.
- I calmly join my class with my teacher.
- If my teacher is absent, I join the rank of my dispatch class.

My school day

- If my teacher allows me to go to the bathroom during class time, I am discreet and I do not disturb the work of others.
The ideal is to take precautions during recess.
- I am also discreet during inter-course trips; to join the gymnastics, philosophical option or language course.
- I'm correct in the dining hall. I eat in peace, I do not forget to throw away my waste, I try to leave the place as clean as when I arrived ...
- I respect the housekeeping staff.
- I don't play in the bathroom.
- I use the trash cans to get rid of wrapping paper, soiled towels, boxes of juice ...
- I do not bring a glass bottle and I throw away empty metal cans because they can cause injury.
- I do not take valuables to school (jewelry, gameboy, Mp3, Gsm, gadgets ...) because no insurance exists for the breakage, theft or loss of these . If, for security reasons, I have a mobile phone, I remain discreet: it must not be seen, heard or used under penalty of being confiscated.
- Fashionable objects (Gogos, Pokémon, Diddl, Toupies and to come ...) are tolerated on condition that they do not interfere with the smooth running of recess.
- I do not hesitate to seek advice and assistance from the recreation supervisors before a conflict escalates.
- I'm playing in MY yard! It is forbidden to throw stones, snowballs and be in the Fétis hall without authorization.
- Fights, even "to play" are not allowed.
- In the yard, I can play with a light ball (foam) in dry weather. Warning: In case of rain

- It is forbidden to use tennis balls or "magic" balls.
- I am polite towards all the people I come to know during the day ... The little "magic words" are the basis of harmonious relationships.
- I do my homework ... it's not optional. Homework is an apprenticeship in the same way as conjugation or geometry.
- I complete my class diary correctly and have it signed every day.
- I have my parents justify an absence of one or two days with a written note (site, email or paper).
For an absence of more than two days, I bring a medical certificate.
- I participate in the sport class in suitable clothing.
- Except for the purposes of a lesson, I do not take pets to school.
- I respect the living environment (we do not write on the benches, on the walls, we do not tear up the plants, we do not damage the equipment ...)
- I respect the conditions of entry and exit of the building.

At the end of the day

- I stay in daycare while waiting for my departure from school.
- I am leaving with my parents or the person designated by them.
- If I have an exit card, I quickly leave the school premises at the scheduled time. I don't stay to play near the exit, on the train, in the Fétis hall ...

When I do not respect the school rules, I risk a sanction which will be assessed according to the seriousness of my actions.

NB: When I am registered for the Athénée Royal Mons 1 in the fundamental section,
my parents agree to my participation in activities outside the school (excursions, sports days, green classes, etc.)
In return, the school undertakes to promote terms of installment payments and assistance to families in financial difficulty.
For information, here is the link to circular 7135 (called free circular)
who sets the costs are the responsibility of the families

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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